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New MC-PCS HCF Duo™ Cable

Southwire is first to launch MC-PCS cable for Healthcare facilities. This new metal-clad cable product, MC-PCS HCF Duo™ Cable, combines power and control/signal conductors and includes redundant grounding paths to provide approximately 3.5 times better grounding performance than Type AC HCF Cable.

MC-PCS HCF Duo™ Cable is ideal for use with LED lighting with 0-10V dimming control in patient care areas of hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices, outpatient, and other healthcare facilities.

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Southwire’s MC-PCS Duo™

Cable combines power conductors along with Control/Signal cables all under one armor, saving you time and money.

MC-PCS Duo™Cable is ideal for use with LED or fluorescent dimming controls and SMART buildings.


• Compliant with UL 1569 and NEC articles 330 and 725
• Solid or stranded conductors
• Aluminum or steel armor
• Available with overall PVC jacket

  • • Reduces installation costs when compared to pulling separate power and control/signal/data cables
  • • All cables under one armor decreases the likelihood of damage
  • • Circuit identification is printed directly on the armor or jacket

MC-PCS Duo™ Cable

UL Listed, MC-PCS Duo™ cable combines power conductors with control, signal or data cables under one armor.

Now includes complete circuit identification on the outside of the armor!


MC-PCS Duo™ Power & Control/Signal Cable can be ordered in 250’ coils, 1000’ reels, SIMpull BARREL™ cable drums, boxes and prefab modular assembly lengths.


Southwire® Type MC-PCS Duo™ Power and Control/Signal Cable is suitable for use as follows:

  • • Circuits for branch power distribution in commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-residential buildings
  • • Power, lighting, control, and signal circuits
  • • Fished or embedded in plaster
  • • Concealed or exposed installations
  • • Environmental air-handling spaces per NEC 300.22(C)
  • • Places of Assembly per NEC 518.4 and theaters per NEC 520.5
  • • Installation in cable tray and approved raceways
  • • Under raised floors for information technology equipment conductors and cables per NEC 645.5(D) & 645.5(D)(2)
  • • Class I Div. 2, Class II Div. 2, & Class III Div. 1 Hazardous Locations
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